Saturday, April 03, 2010

Using the laptop tonight

Tonight I am using the laptop computer to make this entry in my blog. Our other computer is in the repair shop. I expect to lose a lot of data on the other computer when I get it back.

This evening (actually yesterday now), we went to the Methodist church for the Good Friday service. It was dark in the sanctuary. All the lights were out. There were 14 candles plus one at the front of the sanctuary. I forgot what the significance of the number 14 was, but the one additional candle was to represent Jesus. It was a somber service. No one spoke as the congregants left the building.

The mood could be described by the phrase "Things are not so good." The story of the crucifixation was told again. Yet, two and a half days later, as the story has it, Jesus is out and about, lacking the encumbrance of a physical body, meaning he did not have to stop and take a leak ever so often. I suppose that means he did not have to eat or drink as well. That could be seen as either an advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you look at food.

Nick played his clarinet as the bell choir rang their bells. After the whole thing was over, we went to Braum's. We each had an ice cream cone. Then we came home.

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