Monday, April 05, 2010

Rehearsing for Sunday

Today Gail and I rehearsed for our part for the Sunday morning service on April 11. We also recorded a YouTube video, but we will have to wait until we get our computer back from the shop before I upload it. We will be playing "Castle House Rag" written by James Reese Europe.

I did not do much else today. I had a nap this afternoon and then went to the library. I took some materials back to the library and checked out two books for J.

Here is a question for all you Bible scholars out there: How many horses did Solomon have?

First Kings says 40,000; but Second Chronicles says 4,000. Compare 1st Kings 4:26 to 2nd Chronicles 9:25. This certainly looks like a contradiction to me. Did a zero get added to the number in the first citation? Why do they not say the same thing? If we had only the first verse, everyone would swear Solomon had 40,000 horses. If we had only the second verse, everyone would swear he had 4,000. But since we have two conflicting verses, we are left to wonder.

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