Saturday, April 24, 2010

Food & Fellowship and a ball game

The day began by going to the HAT Food and Fellowship gathering held at Chopsticks, a Chinese restaurant located at 61st and Sheridan. There were ten of us there. I took my camera and the waitress shot a picture of us all. If I like the photo, I will post it tomorrow.

One thing I learned at the Food and Fellowship is that the event we had planned for May 6 was called off due to the expense. I assume the tent will still be ordered. We have talked about getting a tent for years, but no action is ever taken on the matter. I will check with Randy to see if he ordered a tent (a $240 expense). It would not break us since we have about $1,500 in the treasury.

This past week I received another book to index from Dumbarton Oaks. The book is only 170 pages long. I have to wait until next Monday to see if the page proofs which were sent to me by e-mail do not change. It is an art history book.

Tonight we went to a baseball game at the new Drillers Stadium near downtown Tulsa. Tulsa played the Springfield Cardinals. We left early (after the 6th inning) while it was still daylight since we had a ten-minute walk to where we parked the car. The event was sponsored by an insurance society to which J belongs. Dinner was provided, which consisted of various barbecued meats with varioius side dishes. It was a catered event.

Tomorrow is poetry Sunday at CoR. I am looking forward to it.

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