Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review of the day

First, I should report that I feel pretty good today. The methyl pred pack has relieved most, but not all, of the pain. I did have to take an aspirin this evening, but that is all I had to take to, in effect, make the pain go away.

We began the day by going to Braum's for breakfast where we both had a sausage and egg biscuit. We took a look at the paper while we were there. We had to hurry home because I am taking medicine. There are two pills that I am supposed to take at breakfast. Next we went to the tag agency. They have a small post office inside the agency where we mailed some insurance papers to get reimbursed for some medical expenses.

Once we returned home, I looked at the responses I had typed up several weeks ago in answer to eight questions posed to me by Galen. I made a few alterations and then e-mailed them on to him.

I helped J fix supper tonight, and then we watched the news on TV. I had seen a promotion of a program on OETA. Two members of the state legislature discussed some issues in the news. I watched that.

I have not heard anything yet concerning the MRI I am supposed to take.

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