Thursday, April 29, 2010

MRI today

Today we went to St. John's Hospital to get an MRI. It took longer to have the MRI taken of my back than it did to have the MRI of my brain about a month ago. We were at the hospital for about two hours. After it was over we went down to the cafeteria, but found that it was closed. We went to a nearby Wendy's. There I got a bowl of chili and a Dr. Pepper. Afterwards we got a chocolate Frosty, which we split.

Darlene, who lives across the street, has a man who mows her grass. He came over and looked at our yards (front and back) and offered to mow ours for $35. We said okay. He said he would mow our grass this Friday or Saturday. Tomorrow we are gong to have some medical tests run at Broadway Baptist Church. For $139 each we get five tests run. They check for AAA and a few other things. We last had these tests about five years ago.

The man who is going to install our new dishwasher is supposed to come by in the afternoon. I hope we get back from Broadway Baptist in time.

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