Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bad day at church

I went to church this morning expecting some sort of service, but when 11:00 came around there were just three of us there. There was Edna, the pianist, Mary, the lay leader, and myself, the congregation. The service did not make. No one had the heart to go through the motions. We just sat around a while and then left. I guess too many people had other things they had to do this morning. (Compare this to the humanist meeting yesterday which had 17 people.)

Anyway, I sent an e-mail to Vanessa (the church administrative assistant -- assistant to whom? I wonder) who was in North Carolina doing one of her one-woman performances, lamenting the failed service. There is some hope that our HAT group can come to the rescue, so to speak. We have two members who are willing to speak to the congregation (Marilyn and Herb), and I have an essay by Isaac Asimov which would make an excellent talk. Gail and I could play the piano. I figure one sure way of getting people there is to give them a role in the service. One person could take on the Chalice Lighting, another could read the Affirmation, one could read the Children's Story, called "A Story for All Ages," even though there are no children in the congregation; another could give the "Welcome," everyone could take part in the Candle Lighting, and someone could read the Closing Words. I figure if so many people have a role in the service, they are more likely to come as not.

After I left, I went by the grocery store and bought a sack of bagels and two boxes of Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation cocoa mix. That is what I have been eating for breakfast lately -- a bagel and a cup of hot chocolate.

Once I got back home, I spoke with Steve Nunn on the phone. Steve had said he would be attending CoR. I learned he had gone by the church shortly after I left. We chatted on the phone for a while and then Steve suggested we get together to talk about matters face to face. Steve is a member of HAT. Steve is in favor of forming an alliance between HAT and CoR. Steve came over and we talked for about 20 minutes before I had to leave for drumming. Steve is a kind of unpaid community organizer. He is always recruiting neighbors to take part in local activities. It is good to have Steve on my side.

I left for drumming and was about 15 minutes late getting there. I had called Joe to tell him I would be late. We did our drumming, and then I headed home. I tuned in to the news and learned that some headway was made on stopping the leaking oil in the Gulf.

After the news, I took J to WalMart where we bought a few things.

Healthwise, I'm still holding up pretty well. If I could just keep feeling this well, I would not need to visit with Dr. Rapacki again.

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