Thursday, May 27, 2010

A two-cart day at the grocery store

We finally made it over to the grocery store today. We were getting low on food. In fact, we bought so much today that we had to have two carts.

I am feeling well enough now to resume volkswalking. We were going to do the walk inside the Promenade Mall, but since it was getting late we decided to put it off. The steriod injection I got two weeks got rid of 95% of my pain. I have not been able to tell that the injection I got yesterday has had any effect yet.

We have been sharing kitchen duties lately. Tonight we are having talapia on rice. I will be fixing that shortly. J will handle the reminder of the meal.

I heard from Rosemary by e-mail. She and I are going to organize a program on humanism for Church of the Restoration, Unitarian Universalist. The program will be presented on June 6. Rosemary has presented some excellent programs in the past. Restoration is a multi-racial congregation.

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