Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy day; scans canceled

Well, we had a busy day today. First, we took the ailing Saturn to Same Day Auto Repair to get it checked out. If you read yesterdy's entry, you know about the problem I had with it. The problem turned out to be with the serpentine belt and too much play in the path it travels. The belt was replaced along with the belt tensioner for a total of $362.65. That includes labor, of course.

On the way home from dropping off the car at SDAR, we stopped at Braum's for a sausage and egg biscuit. We also got a half gallon of milk.

Gail arrived around 10 am and we played piano duets for a couple of hours.

Wondering about the scans I was to have on June 8, I phoned Dr. Rapacki's office and left a message inquiring about the second set of scans. As it turns out, I do not need the second set of scans after all. The original scans I had last March were ordered by Dr. Uy, a radiologist. Dr. Rapacki's computer is set to remind his staff if so much time passes without scans beng ordered. Since my scans were ordered by Dr. Uy, and not Dr. Rapacki, the folks in Dr. R's office thought it was time again for scans. That's good news.

Here at the house, we have a wooden fence at the back of our property. Some time ago we bought three gallons of stain to restain the fence. We did that today. We also put out the plants we bought about a month ago.

I need to get the notes I took from Sunday's TAM meeting and post what happened at that meeting on another blog.

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