Saturday, May 29, 2010

Volkswalking again

We went volkswalking again today. This time we walked near LaFortune Park in Tulsa. The walker has a choice of three routes. We took the route which goes through a neighborhood adjoining the park. This was our third YRE for this half of the year. It was a hot day. My car said it was 93 degrees. After we finished, we went to a nearby QuikTrip for something to drink. We also got a corndog each as a snack.

After returning home, we went out to Lake Keystone to pick up the receipts there. There had been 22 walkers walking the YRE at the lake since I last had collected the money.

Next, Nick and Jen came by and left their little ones with us as they went to the movies and out to eat. They came back a few hours later and got Luke and took him home. Ayla is staying overnight with us. She will be going with Nanna to church in the morning.

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