Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Genealogy projects

We began the day with a trip to our new dentist in Sapulpa. It was like stepping back in time a few years. He does not have the latest in technology as does Dr. F. For example, we had x-rays of our teeth taken. They use actual film, whereas Dr. F has digital x-rays which are instantaneous. The equipment appears to be older than at Dr. F's. In all, it took longer for this visit than in the past with Dr. F. Dr. B. said we both have a cavity, which we will get fixed later.

We made a trip to Atwood's where we bought a patio table and chairs plus a canopy tent. We were going to get some mulch, but we thought we could get a better price at a later date.

On our last trip to Springfield, my Dad gave me a book about my genealogy. I have several pictures I have acquired from my mother and my cousin Vicki of relatives from way back when. I spotted a book, Digitizing Your Family History, while I was at the library today. I checked it out. I plan to scan the pictures I have and put them on the web for whomever may be interested in viewing them. I will set up one for the Nerren side of the family and one for the Andrews side of the family.

Most of the people in the pictures are people I do not know. How soon we are forgotten once we die! Countless millions lived their life, died, and are now utterly forgotten. I am now in the autumn of my life and expect to join the ranks of the forgotten by the year 2100, if not before.

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