Saturday, May 15, 2010

HAT meeting today

Today I went to the HAT meeting held at the Genealogy Center on Harvard. The meeting started at 2 pm and went on until past 4 pm. There were 17 people there today. I wrote up what happened and posted it on the HAT blog. Anyone interested may go to the HAT blog and read about the meeting there.

After the meeting was over, we drove to Nick's and picked up Ayla and went to the Crescent Cafe for dinner. I had a mushroom and swiss burger with a Dr. Pepper. J had fried shrimp, and Ayla had scrambled eggs and pancakes. Ayla is spending the night here with her Nanna.

We were eating during news time. There are TVs in the restaurant, but you could only see the pictures. I could tell from the pictures that the oil spill is still gushing oil into the Gulf. It appears the efforts to cut off the flow of oil has not suceeded. The slick continues to grow.

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