Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy day

Today turned out to be a busy day. First, I went to Restoration this morning at 11:00 for the service. I've noticed that a couple of the regulars have not been there for the last few Sundays: Larry and Rosemary. The last time I talked to Rosemary, she was complaining about her back. I don't know about Larry. He was attending regularly, and then he was gone.

We did have one visitor this morning. My friend, John, from the Humanist group came. I figure if we can get five HAT members attending, we might use this core group to present some programs. Right now, we have (in addition to myself), Barbara, Larry, John, and Steve. This could be our core group, right there, assuming that all are as enthusiastic about this project as I am. Barbara stayed home today because she is soon to be a great-grandmother. She wants to be alive when the great grandchild comes. She has an implanted pacemaker and thinks she doesn't have long to live.

The service today honored Margaret Fuller, one of the original New England Transcendentalists from the nineteenth century. She was also a Unitarian.

After the service was over, I high-tailed it over to the Agora Coffee House (some 8 to 10 miles away) , getting there just before the beginning of the Atheists Meetup. On the way there, I heard an awful racket coming from the engine compartment. I turned off the AC, and the noise stopped. I'm afraid my air conditioner is shot. I will take the car in to Same Day Auto Care tomorrow morning and have them check it out. J has already told me that if it is the AC, we might as well get another car, rather than spend a thousand dollars on repairs. The car is already 13 or 14 years old.

I arrived just before the meeting started. I took notes which I hope to put up on the meetup site tomorrow. The meeting lasted for two hours.

I went to Wendy's and ordered a large chili with a Dr. Pepper. I phoned J to tell her about the car. I had already called Joe in the morning, knowing that with the indexing project I am working on, I could not do everything.

It's time to turn in now; I will need to rise early tomorrow to take the car in. On the way back, we might stop and get a sausage biscuit at Braum's and then it will be time for Gail to arrive for piano duet practice.

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