Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Sunday

After five years of attending Church of the Restoration as a "chronic" visitor, today I joined the church. The service today was one of remembrance, especially remembrance of two members of the church who left this life in the past year, Jewel Hines and Betty Anne Davidson. I never knew Jewel, as far as I can remember; but I did know Betty Anne. Betty Anne was a liberal activist in the Tulsa area. I can distinctly remember her greeting me one day at church. I can still see her face. The next thing I knew, I was reading her obituary. She was taken by cancer. She was about my age.

Today's service was led by Vanessa Adams-Harris. The title of the message was "This Do In Remembrance Of Me." Vanessa read an essay she had written a couple of years ago based upon her childhood memories.

The service next Sunday will be on Humanism. I selected the hymns to be sung and informed the pianist, Edna, about them. They are "This Little Light of Mine" and "We Would Be One." There are more parts of the service (Announcements, Chalice Lighting, Affirmation, Children's Story, etc.) to be decided upon. The special music selection will be a piano/guitar duet. My friend Joy Avery will accompany me on guitar. We have not yet selected the music to be played.

Luke and Ayla spent the afternoon with us. We took them home about 5 pm.

The Shecklers (Marti's daughter and son-in-law) have a new baby boy. We watched a new video on the Sheckler's blog tonight.

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