Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting back into volkswalking

I'm feeling pretty good now. Today we went to Promenade Mall and did the volkswalk inside the mall. That is three circuits on the ground level and three times around on the second level. While up on the second level we stopped at the Food Court and shared an order of barbecued chicken on rice. As we were walking away, we passed by the Chick-Fila venue where someone was passing out samples of yogurt with shredded peaches mixed through it - a free dessert.

Today was the first time I have walked any significant distance since by back problem came on back on March 5. I'm not sure how long the effectiveness of the steroid injections will last, but I'm living each day as if it were my last. Today's year-round walk went a distance of 3.1 miles. So far this year, I have walked three of the club's YREs (year-round events). The club sponsors seven YREs. One is in Bartlesville, and one is in Galena, KS. The rest are nearby.

There are five schedules volkswalks in southern Oklahoma over the Memorial Day weekend. I had hoped to travel to those cities and do the walks, but J reminded me that Ayla has a birthday party at the Dobbs on Sunday. Besides, I need to be at church to plan the service for June 6 with Rosemary. The theme of the service will be Humanism.

After we finished the volkswalk, we went back to the car and drove north on Yale Ave. I pulled in at Saied's Music. I visit the store about once a month. I looked at their selection of duet music for piano. They had a lot of music which I had never seen before. I bought three books of duet music. The first book is titled Dixieland Duos and contains the piece "Tiger Rag." The next book is Have It Your Way and contains the piece "Traveling the Allegheny Road." Finally there is Joplin Ragtime Duets, which contains "Heliotrope Bouquet," "Magnetic Rag," "Peacherine Rag," and "The Ragtime Dance."

When I got home I checked the library's web site to see if I had any books to pick up at Pratt Library. There were seven there waiting for me. I drove to the library and got my books.

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