Friday, May 21, 2010

School Awards Program

Today was awards day at Central Fine Arts Academy in Sand Springs. We were there because our granddaughter, Ayla, a first-grader, received an award. I think, in fact, everyone there received an award. There must have been 300 awards given out. It took two hours to give out the awards.

When I got back home, I resumed work on an index. I worked on it all afternoon. I finally took a nap around four or five in the afternoon.

While in Springfield, my Dad recommended I read The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. As soon as I finish the index I'm working on, I will download the book to my Kindle and start reading it. Is there any chance I could get my Dad, or any other person of the Christain persuasion, to read, say, Atheist Universe by David Mills?

A new issue of The Nation, dated June 7, came into my Kindle tonight.

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Pastor Galen said...

I will try to find Atheist Universe to read soon.